Dining in Skiathos


On the island of Skiathos, dining out is a lovely experience with a broad range of choices. There is something for everyone, from authentic Greek tavernas offering fresh fish and regional delicacies to more contemporary and global cuisine. Dining out on Skiathos would delight any food lover because it frequently offers breathtaking sea vistas and a lovely environment.

Basilikos Restaurant

Basilikos Restaurant has been serving genuine Mediterranean cuisine in Skiathos since 2017. Every day from 18:00 to 00:00, Basilikos is open and has big quantities of meals made with premium ingredients, a welcoming staff, and respectable service. It has garnered excellent feedback from its patrons, who frequently mention the delectable dishes this restaurant serves.

Crazy Cow Restaurant

Enjoy fine cuisine and a unique setting while dining next to the La Piscine Art Hotel’s opulent pool. The Crazy Cow Restaurant develops distinctive flavors for its patrons, who receive first-rate attention, warm hospitality, and uncompromising quality. Given the foregoing, the prestigious Crazy Cow is ready to provide you with unique, memorable nights that you will appreciate.

Photo credits: Crazy Cow Restaurant


Marmita Restaurant

One of the most stunning Greek restaurants on the island is housed in a traditional home in the heart of Skiathos town, which is surrounded by a garden full of flowers and trees.
In 2013, Marmita debuted on the island of Skiathos, delivering authentic Greek cuisine in a beautiful environment.
They specialize in modern Greek cuisine and rely largely on using seasonal, fresh ingredients from the area together with tried-and-true recipes to produce mouthwatering dishes that are bursting with flavor. Their goal is to introduce you to the genuine flavors of Greek food.


Taverna Tarsanas (kehria Beach)

The restaurant on the northern side of the island, near the shore, lies Tarsanas.
Never fail to grin Argyris will welcome you in a breathtaking environment designed for total relaxation and simply outstanding gastronomy. Cooking on Skiathos has traditional Greek tastes and aromas.
The main reason most patrons visit Argyris’ coastal restaurant is for his creative ways to prepare fish and lobster; as a true artisan, each bite melts on the tongue. We wholeheartedly endorse Tarsanas Restaurant on the Beach, which has been regarded as one of the best five restaurants on the island of Skiathos, to create an unforgettable experience with the breath-taking environment.



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